Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Is Your Client's BuySell Coverage Losing Value?

Are you one of those rare agents who has actually funded your client's BuySell agreement with insurance in case a disability occurs?  If so, take a moment to pat yourself on the back. Now pull out that policy and read the fine print.  You will most likely see language similar to this: "After age 61, the maximum benefit payable is reduced by 20% each year up to age 65 and will provide no benefits after age 65."

How many of your business owner clients are approaching or already in their 60s?  More and more clients are working well into their 60s.  This goes for business owners as well. They need to be informed about the diminished benefits they will receive from their Disability BuySell Insurance as they get older.

How can we help compensate for these decreasing benefits?  Offer your clients BuySell+.  A special Disability BuySell policy that increases by 20% each year from age 61 until age 65.  This will effectively offset the decreasing benefits of their traditional BuySell policy. Need more information or a quote?